Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Project Euler - Scala

I discovered Project Euler, a website that purpose a lots of Mathematical problems that can be solved with programming. The website provides a check of you solution, and a forum to discuss it but only after you give the rigth answer.

Scala really shine in this kind of game. Well, I think that any functionnal language, and perhaps Ocaml even better that other (thanks to it's amazing vm), are really well fitted for this kind of small, algoritm instensive tasks.

The first problems are really simple, and brute force works well, but quickly it is not enonght, and the game become really interesting : it force myself to remind old memories of school, and I'm afraid at the size of the hole in them - I mean, I should have followed some advandced Maths courses in classe préparatoires, and it's almost if I have to discover again all the concept and properties and theorems... A good reason to do all the Project Euler problem till the last one !


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