Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Amazing Mythical Man Month

Fred Brooks was rigtht. Well, I know I will not have a Nobel for this fantastic discovery, but each time I refer to the TMMM, I'm really impressed by the insight of the man.

Ok, so, to be more specific : TMMM has 33 years. He is older than me. And Fred Brooks already depected most of the Agile programming method (history is constantly repeating itself).

But perhaps what impresse me the most is that he forecasted 33 years ago what is happening with Open Source software and the JVM ecosystem today : we will build better and cheaper programms only if common, higth-quality tools and library are broadly available.

It's (almost, but if we look from a hight level, it's not too bad) what is happeing in the JVM (do not read Java) world, and tools like IVY and Maven,
Superpackages (ah, not yet) only make it happens quicker.

The future will be intersting, if Sun does not break everything (I hope it's too late for that now).


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