Thursday, May 28, 2009

100 problems solved on Project Euler

Today, I just finished my 100th problem on Project Euleur, using Scala - of course.

Project Euler is a really good way to learn a language on small problems, to see its different sides and idiomatic constructs, and be confronted on performance/algorithm optimization choices - that teaches you to feel when something migth make you gain an order or two of execution time / memory consumption, and when you are working for peanuts.

OK, you won't see how the language solves big architectural design and maintenance problems, but you will learn if the language fits your mind, and if you are able to get things done with it. And definitly, Scala shines on such problems, and completly fits my mind.

So, it was a really good learning experience. Now, I need to test it on bigger problem, to see how it goes on the long run, and I have some ideas for that...

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