Monday, September 29, 2008

About me

OK, since I broke the rule I decreed in the first post, at least I should let some information about me.

I'm François Armand, I'm French (Paris) and work in software development for an open-source company, Linagora. My daily work is mostly with Java, with all the drowback it brings - and some quite good surprises from time to time, especially about the wealth and diversity of its ecosystem (but this point is more about the JVM's ecosystem than Java-the-language).

I'm rather new in computer related stuff, since my first programms where done when I reach the master cycle (don't now exactly how French's 'Grandes Écoles" translate in other cultures - for whom who migth be curious, I'm from "ENSIIE"). It was in september 2001.

I keep from that period a deep interest for functionnal programming, and especially a real good memory in my 2004 research project (the one for the end of school's master cycle), when I was allowed to take part of the INRIA's CompCert (Certified Compiler) project and had a deeper look into Ocaml and COQ (a great program prover - well, not exactly, see by youserlves). I will thanks for that Sandrine Blazy and all the people I met in this time (Xavier Leroy, Yves Bertot and others).

The following is more boring. I met the "real world, with real programs and stuff that matter", say Java and Web development. Hum. Well, all is not dark in this side of the world, because I work in company deeply involved with open source software, and I take part of some really good projects, as for example the FederId project, in which I was the developer of InterLDAP-WUI.

All in all, I'm not a real common Java developer, and it's perhaps why I'm looking toward Scala, or Tapestry 5.

OK, that all for now, just a last sentence to link my linkedin profil (I'm also on viadeo, and I believe that the two are rather out of date).


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