Monday, July 27, 2015

Enlightenment (e19) not starting after closing session - hangs on loading

Seems some time, I have, sometime, a really annoying behaviour with Enlightenent (E19). It happens on Archlinux (e0.19.5.1 at the time of writting), but I think it is not related with the distribution.
At the same time, it happens that new screen detection goes wrong, so it may be due to some bad driver. I'm using Intel driver (i915).

So, when it happens, the symptoms are:

  • from the login page (I'm using lightdm, but again, not sure it plays any role), I try to log
  • the E19 loading screen seems to want to appear, but nothing happen
  • if I switch on tty 1, ps aux | grep enligh gives  /usr/bin/enlightenment_start and /usr/bin/enlightenment
  • I can kill /usr/bin/enlightenment_start but the other need a kill -9
  • if I try  env DISPLAY=:0 enlightenment_remote -restart , the command hangs
  • env DISPLAY=:0 xrandr gives strange "current value" for screen 0: my screen is 1600x900, and when the bug happens, I get things like "3520x994" 
    • I get the same value on .xsession-errors, first line: zone 0x31cdfc0: 0 0   3520x994

 And until now, the only solution I had to make it start again was to remove my E19 profile (~/.e) - quite frustrating.

So, it happens that the problem is with "e_randr" module, the Enlightenment module in charge to manage xrandr for E. Somehow it's configuration get corrupted, and completely block any new sessions.

The solution is to simply remove e_randr cache files in .e/e/config when no enlightenment process runs (so kill them before if needed):
  • rm .e/e/config/standard/e_randr.*
  • rm .e/e/config/default/e_randr.*

The name "default" or "standard" may vary (for example, I remember that when I used to use BodhiLinux, it was bodhi or something alike).

And that's all ! Hope it helps other and my future me when I'll forget how to get out of that situation.

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