Thursday, November 17, 2011

Make firefox remember "autocomplete=off" password fields

Some site thinks that they better know than us what is security. For example, they want to prevent us to make firefox remember the login/password for them, and in the sametime, they don't allow to use a 30 char passphrase (because it does not contain a symbol, but six "!" is ok...).

If, like me, you are finding that behaviour as irrespectuous of your browsing experience as, say pop-ups, there is a trick:

  • install Firebug
  • on the page with the faulty password field, open Firebug.
  • use the blue mouse pointer in Firebug toolbar to select the password field
  • on the Firebug HTML tab, you should have a <input  type="password" autocomplete="off"....> field selected
  • double-click on "off" to edit the value and change it to "on". 
  • Now, enter you login/password as usual in the page form
  • when you hit "submit", Firefox should display the notification pop-up that allows to remember the login/password for that site. 
 Now, each time you are going to go on that page, firefox will autocomplete  the login/password as usual. 

Hop it will help other !

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