Monday, November 24, 2008

Tapestry final coming soon !

On the tech side, it's a good time for me !

Soon after the release of Scala 2.7.2, it's Tapestry 5 time to reach an RC status (OK, I didn't blog about the RC1, some personal stuff were more important at this time).

Moreover, Tapestry 5 is gaining a kind of hype in Europe, or at least in France : the new official French weather site is coded with T5, and it's a big one (about 800,000 visitors in a day), and I just learn that Unedic[1], the French civil service for the unemployed, which a BIG civil service (as most of them in France ;), chose Tapestry 5 as there new default "ligth" web framework.

I'm quite happy of my choice for T5, almost 2 years ago :)

[1] sorry for the English readers, I didn't find an English description about Unedic :/


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