Monday, November 10, 2008

Scala 2.7.2 is out

Here we are, Scala 2.7.2 was released on november, the 10.
And it's a great news !

You may wonder why a minor release seems to be so important ?

C'm'on, it's a palindromic release number, it's so fantastic !

Well, more seriously, it's because this released is the one that will be cover by the coming book "Programming in Scala", and so, this release mark a kind of shift in the Scala language development : Until now, the language was evolving quite quickly, what was great in term of enhancement, but bring some recurring problems, and seems to frighten a lot "the enterprise developers" (or at least there bosses).

With this release, seconded by a great book, the Scala language reach a new level of maturity, and perhaps will gain more visibility outside the rather small (but growing !) circle of first time enthusiastic who use it today.

So, it's a great news for Scala users, and a great time to go and discover Scala !


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