Thursday, November 17, 2011

Make firefox remember "autocomplete=off" password fields

Some site thinks that they better know than us what is security. For example, they want to prevent us to make firefox remember the login/password for them, and in the sametime, they don't allow to use a 30 char passphrase (because it does not contain a symbol, but six "!" is ok...).

If, like me, you are finding that behaviour as irrespectuous of your browsing experience as, say pop-ups, there is a trick:

  • install Firebug
  • on the page with the faulty password field, open Firebug.
  • use the blue mouse pointer in Firebug toolbar to select the password field
  • on the Firebug HTML tab, you should have a <input  type="password" autocomplete="off"....> field selected
  • double-click on "off" to edit the value and change it to "on". 
  • Now, enter you login/password as usual in the page form
  • when you hit "submit", Firefox should display the notification pop-up that allows to remember the login/password for that site. 
 Now, each time you are going to go on that page, firefox will autocomplete  the login/password as usual. 

Hop it will help other !



quite a few more as well if you google

Leon Victor

There does no appear to be fix for this in Version 5.01 because there are no applicable java script files to edit.

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