Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bootstrap GWT2 with maven, UiBinder and i18n

I'm setting up a boostrap project for GWT 2 witch would use maven 2, UiBinder and i18n.
The idea is to centralize resources about UiBinder and test GWT 2, the result being used as a template project for real GWT 2 projects.

I'm quite new to GWT (2 days old...), so it is also a learning project. If it could be of any use for you, don't hesitate to use it - or enhance it, or make comments :)

For now, it's based on GWT 2.0.0-ms2, and some configuration may be specific to my environment (Linux&Firefox 3.5).

It's available here:



So, GWT seems to be to much alien for my brain, and I feel much more at ease with Liftweb. That framework is by far more productive for me, more in way of thinking.

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